Following the rehabilitation project by architect Guilherme Machado Vaz, the future Industry Extension will be located in the industrial warehouses from where the former EDP workshops operated, in Campanhã, under Freixo Bridge.

The building complex is accessible via the Rua do Freixo and has an area of 14000 m2, of which 4150 m2 correspond to warehouses that will be converted into spaces that have various different characters. 

The project foresees an adaptation of the functionalities of the new equipment to the existing spaces without implying distortion of its industrial identity. The future facilities of the Industry Extension are, in themselves, part of the collection and also the industrial heritage to be disseminated to the public. 

The goal is to preserve the building’s industrial memory through a minimalist intervention, which makes it possible to safeguard the workshops’ original atmosphere and, at the same time, provide the new spaces with the necessary conditions for their perfect operation. 

The public outdoor space was reformulated to reorganise it and create better conditions for car and pedestrian traffic, providing a wide and multipurpose flat area, close to the Industry Extension, where outdoor events may be held. 

The building’s capacity to assert itself in the city as a cultural space includes an iconic component that is intended to be introduced through verbal and graphic architecture, understanding that the written word is the strongest of symbols. These elements will be introduced on the exterior paved areas and the building’s façade. 

It is intended that the intervention thereby assumes an added architectural and urban value in the conservation and recovery of this space, aiming to make an important contribution to the enhancement of the zone and the city. 

The sound project for this station of the Porto City Museum will be overseen by Pedro Tudela. 


Images—Atlas: António Alves (Porto City Museum) and sketches from the notebooks of Guilherme Machado Vaz.


Rua do Freixo 1071, 4300-219 Porto